The Oracle Education Foundation’s mission is to help young people develop the technical acumen, creative confidence, empathy, and grit to become outstanding designers of solutions to people’s needs and the world’s problems. In our program, Oracle Volunteers coach students through multiday classes at the intersection of design thinking and STEAM disciplines—science, technology, engineering, art, and math.

Our Presence

Design Tech High School (d.Tech) Students

Currently, Oracle Education Foundation operates at Oracle’s headquarters in Redwood Shores, California, in partnership with Design Tech High School (, a pioneering public charter high school. We’ve been developing and piloting our new program with since 2014. Over time, we plan to scale the program to other schools and other Oracle communities.

How It Works

In our classes, students learn coding, electrical engineering, and user-centered design from real practitioners—Oracle technologists and business people—and then apply their skills and knowledge to prototyping solutions. We offer a variety of 30-hour classes and internships.

Level 1 d.Tech Student

Hello, World!

Introduction to coding and physical computing. Students learn to build simple, interactive circuits and gadgets controlled by hardware and software manipulation.

Level 1 d.Tech Student

Data Visualization and Design

Discovering and telling compelling stories using data visualization tools. Students learn to tell their stories onscreen using charts and graphs, and in the physical world using hardware to build interactive visualizations.

Level 2 d.Tech Student

3D Design and Production

Turning ideas into tangible prototypes using industry-standard tools. Students learn to model, design, and fabricate 3D solutions while experiencing the processes and challenges of modeling for the real world.

Level 2 d.Tech Student

Hello, Wearables!

Solving everyday challenges with wearable technology. Students learn to engineer and code wearable prototypes using open hardware, such as microcontrollers, conductive materials, sensors, and actuators.

Level 3 d.Tech Student

Internet of Things

Creating user-centered solutions with smart wireless devices. Students learn to build their own Wi-Fi enabled prototypes, leveraging real-time data in the cloud.

Level 3 d.Tech Student

Experiential Game Design

Designing and building games to motivate learning and encourage positive behaviors. Students learn the basics of game design, object-oriented programming, and development framework APIs.

Level 1-3 d.Tech Students

Preparation for Oracle OpenWorld

Throughout the school year, we identify compelling prototypes and invite the student teams who created them to present at Oracle OpenWorld. This class is dedicated to refining prototypes and preparing demos.

Level 4 d.Tech Student and Instructor

Internships within Oracle Lines of Business

The Foundation facilitates internships for students in a wide range of Oracle organizations. In addition to matching Oracle mentors with interns, we provide support for both throughout the internship period.

Presenting at Oracle OpenWorld

Presenting at Oracle OpenWorld

Each year, we select a handful of prototypes developed by students to showcase at Oracle OpenWorld. Students present their prototypes to conference-goers and engage them in coding and making.


Photo Gallery

Building a circuit
Building a circuit using conductive thread in the Hello, World! class.
Designing a better hospital experience
Designing a better hospital experience using an Arduino in the Internet of Things class.
Programming a microcontroller
Programming a microcontroller to play music in OEF’s Wearable Technology class.
Collaborating to code a prototype in the Hello, World! class.
Collaborating to code a prototype in the Hello, World! class.
Exploring data provided by Dian Fossey
Exploring data provided by Oracle Giving grantee, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund, in the Data Visualization class.
Creating 3D prototypes
Creating 3D prototypes in the 3D Design and Production class.
Refining hardware prototypes
Refining hardware prototypes at our soldering station.

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